On this page you can find answers to frequently asked questions and information for your begin of studies. If we cannot answer all your questions here, feel free to write us an email or drop by at room 109 in building E1.3.

What is important for my final thesis?

All necessary documents and information can be found on the website of the examination office.

Do I get access to free software licecnses?

Yes! Since the Covid-19 pandemic, all students get access to Microsoft Office365 including Microsoft Teams. In fact, Teams is needed for many lectures, so you should probably install it early. You can find all about teams here. More about Office365 can be found on the page of the HIZ (German only, please ask the HIZ to finally translate their website ? )

The HIZ also have various other software licenses, you can find an overview here.

Aside of software provided by the university there are other programs that you can install for free as a student. A great collection of is the GitHub Student Developer pack. LaTeX fans can get access to the pro verison of Overleaf. Just connect your university email address. More information can be found here.

What is a minor field of study?

As a computer science bachelor, 18CP of your bachelor are from a minor field of study. The examination office offers a list of study fields, the information is only in German.

How do I get a CIP account?

You probably don’t really want to use a CIP account. Please go to the office (“Geschäftszimmer”) on the second floor of building E1.3.

How do I get a Job?

Where can I register for exams?

You have to register in the HISPOS/LSF System for the lectures you want to take. However, registration is open for a short term only. The examination office will notify you via email, when exam registration starts. Some lectures, mostly basic lectures, require registration through their own websites. Please be aware, that registration for your minor studies may be different.

How can I find out which lectures are offered?

All offered lectures can be found in the HISPOS/LSF system. For your minor field of study, which is required for computer science bachelor students, the lectures can be found on the homepage of their faculties.

Seminars can be booked at the central seminar system.

Language courses can be found on the website of the language center.

Who can I turn to in case of a problem?

Our job is to communicate between the students and professors when problems arise, e.g., during the course of a lecture. We will help you find a solution, so feel free to talk to us at any time.

If you want to tell us about problems or ideas for improvement, you can come visit us in E1.3 room 109 or use the suggestion box next to it.