Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Curd Becker, Ruben Becker (till: 16:59), Constantin Berhard, Pascal Berrang, Johannes Doerfert (from 16:19, till: 16:30), Simon Heinzel, Karsten Knuth, Frank Nedwed, Marc Schmit, Franziska Ebel (till: 16:14), Sven Hafeneger (till: 16:35)
Moderator:Curd Becker
Minute taker:Constantin Berhard


organising a trip to the CeBit

The FIS could finance that
Staying over night there is problematic now because there are not many hotels free.
Instead we could start very early by bus and stay only for one day.
Franziska will organize this and create a cost estimate.

report of the "Zemtrumsrat Zentrum der Bioinformatik"

Sven reports.
The students representative council should ask around if there is a need for a programming basics course for master students of computer science. If yes, this could be merged with the planned programming course for bioinformatics master students.

buy a Schwenker? (saarlandish bbq grill)

atm every time we do a summer fete or STEP, we have to lend the Schwenker of the chemistry students council.
Furthermore if we had our own Schwenker, we could schwenk spontaneously from time to time.
The students council concordantly approves buying a Schwenker. Curd and Pascal will do this.

colored waste bins

We will soon get color coded waste bins and bags and will recycle our waste in the future. Thank you, Marc.

old hardware standing around in our room

This is property of the FIS e.V.
We want to give our old LDAP server to the RBG. The old power pc mac minis should stay here, in case we need them in the future (like for a redundant array of independent printers to replace the other printer or something else).
We want to sell the iMacs and buy a powerful PC and a huge screen instead.
We hope, that the FIS will approve this.

printer fixed

The student printer has been repaired today by the company Becker, as requested by Karsten.