Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Curd Becker, Simon Heinzel (from: 16:45), Karsten Knuth, Frank Nedwed, Marc Schmit, Jonas Schneider, Huelya Apaydin
Moderator:Marc Schmit
Minute taker:Jonas Schneider



Printer is broken _again_. Karsten already informed our maintenance contractor (Firma Becker) and wants to ask them if we could get it replaced maybe.
Also we are thinking about a possible simplification of the Printerface hardware setup.

Semester opening party

The current semester ends in two weeks (the lectures, at least). We should probably start thinking about organizing the opening party for next semester, soon.

Fax machine

The FIT team asks for a fax machine. We decide to let them buy one and ask FIS to compensate them later.