Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Ruben Becker (from 13:22, till: 13:57), Frank Nedwed (from 13:22, till: 13:57), Marc Schmit (from 13:22, till: 13:57), Jonas Schneider (from 13:22, till: 13:57), Francisco-Angel Bermudez de Castro (from: 13:22), Jan Forster (from: 13:22), Franziska Ebel (from 13:22, till: 13:57)
Moderator:Ruben Becker
Minute taker:Jan Forster



We think about organizing a bus trip to the CeBit in Hannover on 08.03.2013.Franziska has already invited offers from several bus companies and we will now consider different ways of funding.
Further information will be spread to the students via email.


At the moment, 10 companies will attend FIT. Deadline for registration is 20.02.
Everything runs smoothly!

Meetings during lecture-free time

During lecture-free time, FSR meetings will be held on tuesday, 1PM, every two weeks.
Next meeting: 19.02.