Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Constantin Berhard, Johannes Doerfert, Simon Heinzel (from: 13:30), Frank Nedwed, Tim Ruffing, Marc Schmit, Jonas Schneider, Francisco-Angel Bermudez de Castro, Franziska Ebel, Nadja Simon
Moderator:Jonas Schneider
Minute taker:Tim Ruffing


Trip to CeBit

Franziska tells about the trip to the CeBit. Everything worked fine, actually even better than expected. Altogether, 50 students joined the trip. We thank Franziska for the organization.

Term opening party

We would like to organize a term opening party in the Canossa.
Jonas and Francisco will organize it. Johannes proposes to ask Daniel Wachsweiler for support. Constantin will create a poster.

Status FIT

Marc reports that 22 companies will come here (a lot of consulting this year), two in addition have booked advertisements.
The team will ask for support on the main day.

Status FIS e.V.

Tim reports that the technicalities are unfortunately still in progress. However, this is essentially not a big problem as the new board is already in office, in particular money would be available without huge technical obstacles.


Sarah Berkemer had already started planning new furniture for our rooms. We will contact her.


Marc has found out that Linux does not run on the iMacs. Marc and Constantin's idea is to buy new machines (not Macs), they would help to propose a model.
Still, we would like to keep a Mac machine for flexibility; also because we do not know what type of hardware or software the next council prefers. We recommend the FIS to sell only one iMac and buy one new machine.