Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Curd Becker, Simon Heinzel, Tim Ruffing, Marc Schmit, Jonas Schneider, Jan Forster
Moderator:Curd Becker
Minute taker:Jonas Schneider


FIT Team report

Marc reports that, while we have lots of small prizes for the lottery, we still lack the three main prizes.
The programme will soon go to print.

Semester opening party

AStA has not yet responded to tell us when their party will be. After the meeting, Jonas will go to Canossa to meet Andre and discuss the party and a good date for it. We think end of april offers some interesting ones.

Marc resigns

Marc is going to leave Saarbruecken for Luxembourg. He is searching for someone to replace him as mailmaster by the end of april.