Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Curd Becker (from 13:50, till: 14:05), Ruben Becker (from 13:48, till: 14:05), Constantin Berhard (from 13:19, till: 14:05), Simon Heinzel (from 13:18, till: 14:05), Karsten Knuth (from 13:18, till: 14:05), Tim Ruffing (from 13:18, till: 14:05), Marc Schmit (from 13:18, till: 14:05), Jonas Schneider (from 13:53, till: 14:05), Immanuel Haffner (from 13:18, till: 14:05), Francisco-Angel Bermudez de Castro (from 13:32, till: 14:05), Jan Forster (from 13:18, till: 14:05), Hülya Apaydina (from 13:18, till: 14:06)
Moderator:Constantin Berhard
Minute taker:Marc Schmit


Prof. Hoffmann & A.I. tutorials

Tim will investigate the 40 students per tutorial situation.

New computer for the students council

We have installed Fedora on the right iMac and Constantin is pleased with that solution.
We thank Clemens, Kevin and Curd for their hard work to make this possible.
A new computer is no longer desired.

Term Opening Party

Flyer and posters are printed and have been distributed.
The FdSI sponsors the party with coupons for free drinks, many thanks for that.
There will be a free of service shuttle service with two cars, one to Dudweiler (5 seats) and one to Saarbrücken (7 seats).
Participants of the FIT sweepstake will receive a voucher for the party.

Marc Resignation

Marc will resign by end of April and Francisco will take his place.
Marc will continue to work for the council as collaborator.

FIT 2013

Marc will send a mail to the students and co-workers, B.Sc, M.Sc, PhDs, Profesors of the faculty.
The sweepstake prices have arrived, as well as all other necessary items.