Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Ruben Becker, Constantin Berhard, Francisco-Angel Bermudez de Castro, Simon Heinzel, Frank Nedwed (from: 09:33), Tim Ruffing, Jonas Schneider, Jan Forster
Moderator:Jonas Schneider
Minute taker:Constantin Berhard


summer party

We want to make a summer party again, together with the mathematicians. Jan Forster and Immanuel Haffner will be the heads of planning.

buy schwenker

We will buy a huge schwenker. This is due to the summer party, for obvious reasons.
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accounting for term opening party

we will do this tomorrow

term opening party

There were not many students at the term opening party. We discuss why this is the case and how we can improve. We will improve our advertisement and our offerings. The details will be elaborated in our wiki.

new furniture for the students representative councils room

Simon, Francisco, Jonas and Constantin will drive to IKEA and choose sofas etc. to be sent to us (as the car isn't sufficiently large).

ZiS introduction

We will do an introduction for international students on the 21th of May. We will show them the Data Networks lecture, show them around on the campus etc.

free collaborators and the internal mailing list

free collaborators will be granted access to our internal mailing list

free virtual servers for our students

Constantin will start a campaign to check whether there exists interest in free virtual servers. The interested students should give ideas what they would want to do with such a server. After some feedback we will decide about further steps.