Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Curd Becker (from: 09:28), Ruben Becker, Constantin Berhard, Francisco-Angel Bermudez de Castro, Immanuel Haffner, Jan Forster, Hülya Apaydin
Moderator:Francisco-Angel Bermudez de Castro
Minute taker:Constantin Berhard


summer party

We recommend that the FIS buys 5 sunbeds for the summer party (e.g. "MYSINGSÖ" from Ikea). Immanuel will ask Erich Reindel from the FdSI to contribute cake again. We will meet the mathematicians today to organize further.

SRC room interior

Immanuel recommends buying two large computer screens for the students' representative council room. We like the idea and will think about which model we want.
Curd wants to buy a beamer for our room. The discussion about this will be delayed.
Curd, Immanuel and Constantin will go to Ikea on Thursday to by new furniture. Before that we will make a plan for it and send it to the FSR mailing list.


The company Becker has offered to replace our printer by a color printer under the same conditions. We want that and Karsten should organize that.

vservers for students

Constantin will ask the legal department if it is possible to distanciate from the contents the students provide.

SRC elections

In July the students' representative council will be reelected. We are currently searching for a head of elections.