Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Curd Becker (from: 14:26), Constantin Berhard, Pascal Berrang, Johannes Doerfert, Tim Ruffing, Jonas Schneider, Immanuel Haffner, Jan Forster, Hazem Torfah, Oliver Schmitt, Fabian Wobito
Moderator:Johannes Doerfert
Minute taker:Constantin Berhard


new furniture

The council thanks Immanuel, Curd, Hülya and Constantin for buying new couches and tables.

term opening party

It seems as there are some irregularities in the bill from the Canossa. Tim will check that and talk to André.

summer party

We will hire the band FoxDevilsWild for live music.


Hazem is the only one currently working on this project. He can't do it alone, so the project will be canceled.

sports event profs vs students

Hazem suggested we could do a volley ball tournament students vs professors. Tim suggests Ruben should organize this. We could play on the university's beach court or go to the Staden.


We need to buy things like sharp scissors, towels and other stuff, that is in an unacceptable state.

students representative council elections

Will Karsten be the head of elections? Organizing this will have a high priority.
Constantin will create a poster to present the candidates.