Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Ruben Becker (from: 09:41), Francisco-Angel Bermudez de Castro (from: 09:41), Simon Heinzel (from: 09:42), Karsten Knuth (from: 09:42), Frank Nedwed (from: 09:42), Jonas Schneider (from: 09:42), Jan Forster (from: 09:42), Hülya Apaydin (from: 09:42)
Moderator:Ruben Becker
Minute taker:Jan Forster


Council Elections

Karsten volunteers to be head of election. Elections will take place in July from 15th to 19th.
We try to encourage the students to vote and/or run for a position and ask Constantin to advert the election, design a poster etc.