Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Ruben Becker, Constantin Berhard, Simon Heinzel, Karsten Knuth, Frank Nedwed (till: 09:58), Tim Ruffing, Jonas Schneider, Florian Schmidt, Hülya Apaydin (from: 09:38)
Moderator:Karsten Knuth
Minute taker:Constantin Berhard



As the AStA has no voting boxes left in the week where we want to hold the elections, Karsten has decided to move the elections into the beginning of the winter semester.


Frank and Florian will search for some helpers and organize this. It will be the week before the lecture start.


The company Becker offered us a color printer under similar conditions. We decide that we want a black and white printer.
Additionally we will get a second printer beginning at some point in the winter term. This will require some major changes in the printerface.

term opening party

We need to improve this. In our wiki we will collect ideas and we need somebody to organize this.