Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Ruben Becker, Constantin Berhard, Francisco-Angel Bermudez de Castro (from: 09:28), Simon Heinzel, Frank Nedwed (from 09:28, till: 10:01), Tim Ruffing, Jonas Schneider, Jan Forster, Jonas Teshome, Hülya Apaydin
Moderator:Tim Ruffing
Minute taker:Constantin Berhard


use the FSR mailing list

We use our internal mailing list far too often. We will use the public FSR list more often in the future. Our meetings are public anyway. In accordance to this policy, we will not add further free collaborators to the internal mailing list, as the very few internal mails should really stay internal.

party sponsoring

As we don't currently see the need for sponsoring, we will decline the offer.

inverse FIT

There is an opportunity to bring students and companies together by driving the students around to the companies. We don't want to support this.


Florian Schmidt has already put it into the HIS POS. Next week, there will be announcements.

deterioration material

Whiteboard markers, whiteboards, beamers, chairs etc. are in a suboptimal condition. Tim and Constantin will talk to Erich about this.


The engineering department uses much cooler evaluation forms than we do. Frank will investigate the subject, so we can improve ourselves.

Hülya Apaydin free collaborator

Hülya wants to become a collaborator. She has helped us buying the room interior and doing the summer fete. We accept her concordantly.

Jonas Teshome free collaborator

Jonas is enthusiastic for future projects. We accept him.