Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Curd Becker (from: 14:24), Constantin Berhard, Pascal Berrang, Karsten Knuth, Frank Nedwed, Tim Ruffing, Jonas Schneider, Immanuel Haffner, Jan Forster (till: 14:42), Marc Schmit, Paul Szymanski
Moderator:Constantin Berhard
Minute taker:Constantin Berhard


sponsoring by red bull

Red Bull offered to let us help them create some funny social events promoting their product. By vote, we accepted to listen to their suggestions. Frank takes care of this.


There are very few matriculations for the upcoming semester yet. We hope that this will improve. Frank will send Constantin the material he wants to have on the website (e.g. the schedule). The rest of the organization is going well.

FIT 2014

Marc will do the main organization and teach the new people in the team. FIT will take place on the April 23. Pascal, Immanuel, Francisco and Paul will take part. Further volunteers should directly contact Marc.

Saarland education savings

50% of the "Kompensationsmittel" will be cut. Tutors for lectures, among others, are financed from those. One possibility is merging tutor groups towards the end of the semester as soon as they are sufficiently small.
We do not appreciate the idea of the Saarlandish government, to save money on education.

Furthermore the opening hours of our library will be cut to 8 pm in the evening (from 10 pm currently). We need more information on this: How many people are using the library after 8 pm? Do they really need books or can they just use the 24/7 rooms in the computer science building? Karsten will do some research on this.

term opening party

Immanuel, Pascal, Paul and Curd will take care of this. They will try to bring a frisk wind to the party.

Paul Szymanski free collaborator

We accept him unanimously.

Printerface "Transponderkarte"

Constantin will write an email to the hiz, whether we can use the UdS cards for verification for our printerface.