Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alex Schlosser, Christian Baldus, Jannis Froese, Jonas Teshome, Lukas Bard, Nicolas Erbach, Sebastian Kappler, Jan Forster
Moderator:Sebastian Kappler
Minute taker:Jannis Froese


New Stuff for students

We voted (without opposition) to buy materials as listed in the email from Nicolas on the mailing list from 2016-02-29. We will also buy Kensington locks.

Get-Together recap

Don't put empty bottles back with the cap on, it makes the crate of beer look full when it isn't.

12 of 16 crates of beer have been consumed, the rest will be returned. Only about 30 people attended the get-together. Next time we have to advertise earlier. A date in the semester break might be a bad idea overall.

A barbeque would be a good alternative in the summer. We will talk about that when it's summer.

Next election

The next election is at latest in July. We are looking for an elections administrator for the next Student's Council election.

Hardware Room

We won't get a room for a hardware room, because a new professor will make a fabrication room. It's not known if this room will be public, and we expect to wait half a year until we have a definite answer. E. Reindel wants to avoid having two rooms with this purpurse.

Thick paper for the printer

The printer will offer thick paper (about 100g/m²) as an option.


To allow students from our university to participate in the GCPC we would have to host the contest. The GCPC is a local contest of the ACM-ICPC. For this we would have to offer computers (1 per 3 participants) and a possibility to print.



By majority vote without opposition we want to explore the possibility to host this.

Study Finder

Nothing happend since we talked about it two weeks ago. Nobody offered their help.