Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alex Schlosser, Christian Baldus, Christian Willms, Janosch Gräf, Jonas Teshome, Lukas Bard, Nicolas Erbach (from: 13:18), Yan Fett (from: 13:40), Sarah Hoffmann, Sreenivas Narasimha Murali, Dieter Merkel
Moderator:Jonas Teshome
Minute taker:Lukas Bard


Dean's Lunch

If there are topics that should be discussed, tell us. There will be a doodle to fix the date.

Student Council Election Regulation

Dieter needs a maximum number of members that can be elected.
We want a limit.
We decided to fix the limit to 15.

List of attendance rates of elected members

We decided to list the attendence rates of all elected members of the student council on the board.
We decided not to list the same thing for voluntary members.

Kneipentour - pub crawl

It is today.

Change of date for breakfast

The date was changed to 25th May.

LAN party

The LAN party will be on 11th June. We want an entry fee of 2€ so that people that register realy come. We plan to have free pizza for all. We accepted it.