Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Yannick Ramb, Nicolas Erbach, Jannis Froese, Marc Roth, Sebastian Kappler, Dieter Merkel, Christian Baldus, Jan Forster, Désirée Arnold, Sreenivas Murali, Lukas Bard, Anna Reindl, Christian Willms, Alex Schlosser, Jonas Teshome, Janosch Graef (from: 16:26)
Moderator:Sebastian Kappler
Minute taker:Yannick Ramb



we will announce a discussion for monday 3:45pm in forum to communicate with the students. Anna and Desi will talk to Dittrich at first.


time for planning was too short. There should be at least two weeks time to plan the breakfast. This was the last breakfast for this semester.

Summer Festival

there is still one Schwenker missing. Christian will organize one. Also, Lukas will buy charcoal, the meat will be fetched at thursday. Cocktails will be mixed by people from mathematics.

Reminder: fill out dudle until 9pm

Faculty Election Results

Janosch Graef: 58
Sebastian Kappler: 46
Govinda Sicheneder: 29
this result is not final.

Campus Festival

Booth on saturday would have been better than on friday

Dudle Open University Day

reminder: fill out dudle