Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Desi, Anna, Kappler, Jonas, Christian W , Christian B , Yannick, Janosch, Jannis, Alex
Minute taker:Jannis


Summer party

The summer party was a success. Many people attended, beer and our schwenker were popular. Our choice of grilled cheese was suboptimal. The salad was sold out early, we should buy more next time. We also have to offer more incentives for "donated" salad. We had too many brötchen. The coctail bar was not as popular. We should advertise it more. Our coupon system was needlessly complicated, in the future we will only use one coupon for all types of sausages.

Too many elected members didn't fill out the helper dudle.

The cake was really popular. We thank the FdSI for the donation.

Voluntary members

We want to be more strict with removing voluntary members who don't actually help the student's representatives council. We recommend the newly elected council to talk about this in detail at the constitutive meeting.

Open University Day

We represented the student's representatives council at the Open University Day. We operated a popcorn machine and gave away balloons. Kappler will upload pictures.

Power plugs in seminar rooms

In many seminar rooms there is no power on the power plugs. Some incidents with sparks and electric shocks were reported. Alex will comminucate with the Geschäftszimmer.

Food Leftovers

We want to donate food leftovers from our events to the Tafel. The organizer of the event is responsible to make a best effort to do this.


Elections for the next student's representatives council start tomorrow!