Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alex Schlosser, Anna Reindl, Christian Baldus (till: 17:59), Christian Willms, Jannis Froese, Janosch Gräf, Jonas Teshome (from: 17:16), Nicolas Erbach, Sebastian Kappler, Sebastian Weber, Yan Fett (till: 17:26), Désirée Arnold, Sarah Hoffmann, Dieter Merkel, Yannick Ramb, Thomas Haslbauer
Moderator:Janosch Gräf
Minute taker:Nicolas Erbach


Constituent Meeting

Dieter talks about the election results. There were 140 votes submitted. Every candidate was elected.

Every member, except Nora and Tanapuch which were absent today, accepted their election. Dieter will ask them later.


The new council thanks the old one for their incredible work and outstanding performance in the past year.

Regular Jobs

Admin: Janosch
Posters: Anna, Nicolas
Student printer: Nicolas, Jannis
Breakfast / Schwenken: Christian W., Desi
Events: Christian W., Sebastian K., Anna, Christian B.
FIT: Nicolas, Jonas, Anna, Yannick, Desi, Sarah (Jannis, Christian W.)
PR: Desi, Sebastian K.
StEP: Desi, Jonas, Yannick
Mail Admin: Alex
Busy Beaver Award: Nicolas, Thomas
Seminar Room: Sebastian K.
Mampfkasse™: Alex, Sebastian K.
Student council conference: Janosch, Desi, Thomas

One-time Jobs

Titania migration: Janosch, Alex
Update website (add new members): Alex
Mail accounts: Janosch
Snail Mail Box Text: Nicolas
FS Banner: Anna
Ticket Party Dudle (after 18th August): Nicolas
Schwenker: Jan F.
Meeting Dudle: Nicolas

Voluntary Members

Thanks for all passing volunteers for their work in the last term.

We want to impost a trial period for new voluntary members. There will be a secondary voting for new voluntary members after four lecture weeks. After that they will get room access and other benefits. The trial period is accepted.

Dieter continues being voluntary member.

Access to services

Janosch will provide access to the Titania student council project and create Email-Account for the new members and will solve the room access problem.

We will evaluate the list of people who currently have access to the council room and clean it out.

Next meeting

Nicolas sends a doodle to the FSR mailing list to find a new meeting date for the holiday.

Examination board for media informatics

Dieter and Anna will go to the examination board.