Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alex Schlosser, Anna Reindl, Christian Baldus, Christian Willms, Désirée Arnold, Jannis Froese, Janosch Gräf, Jonas Teshome (from: 18:17), Nicolas Erbach, Sebastian Kappler, Dieter Merkel
Moderator:Janosch Gräf
Minute taker:Nicolas Erbach


Change of Meeting Time

The meeting will be on Monday at 16:15 for all semester break meetings.


All elected member must show regularly up to the regular meetings. We suggest members that have no time for the council to resign.


The Bachelor-StEP (German only) will take place from 19th to 21st October. Master-StEP will take place on 18th October. More information will be published on our website and facebook.

Breakfast for Sopra, Math-Preparation-Course and StEP

We see if we can arrange two breakfasts, one for SoPra and the Math-Preparation-Course and one for StEP. The StEP-Team will see which dates are the best for this.