Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alex Schlosser, Anna Reindl, Christian Willms, Jannis Froese, Janosch Gräf, Jonas Teshome (from: 18:23), Nicolas Erbach, Tanapuch Wanwarang, Thomas Haslbauer, Sven Ehses, Lukas Bard
Moderator:Nicolas Erbach
Minute taker:Alex Schlosser



Attendance was good, 128 people showed.

ASTA Protestboard

ASTA wants to organize a regular meeting to accept student complaints. The focus is budgeting concerns.

Mini Lan

We'll do a Lan to test the equipment. Janosch will handle everything.

Network Issues

Because of human error our internal network was available from other Ethernet ports. Janosch notified HIZ, the issue has been resolved.

Brunch on Thursday

The next Brunch is on Thursday. Helpers please fill out the Dudle.


This years Nikofete is on 6th of December. We still need someone to organize it. Christian W. and Anna will organize it.
We need to find some organization to donate to, we will compile a list of possible candidates until next meeting.

Survey System to use in User Studies

User Studies often use Surveys, most commercial Survey systems don't support the Features needen by our Students. We decided to offer a System on our Servers with one opposing vote.

Office Equipment

We need a paper shredder to dispose of confidential documents.
We decided to buy one with two opposing votes. Janosch will buy one.

Same thing for a paper cutter.
We decided to get one without opposition.

Seminar Oganization System

In a past iteration of the Software Engineering Course Prof. Hein offered a Project for a centralized seminar system. We will ask him what has come of it.

Titania upgrade

We are still working on the Titania migration to Gitlab. Janosch and Alex will do this in the near future.

New Volunteer

Sven Ehses wants to join as a volunteer.
We accepted him without opposing votes.
As usual he has a trial period of one month.