Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Anna Reindl, Christian Baldus, Christian Willms, Jannis Froese, Janosch Gräf, Nicolas Erbach, Sarah Hoffmann, Sebastian Kappler, Thomas Haslbauer, Yannick Ramb, Sven Ehses
Moderator:Janosch Gräf
Minute taker:Thomas Haslbauer


Dead NAS

Our NAS / backup server died over the weekend, we need a new hard drive and PSU. Janosch will buy the required hardware.

Who wants to tell Erich where the 1k€ go?

Jannis will write the E-Mail. We will use the money for IT infrastructure.

Donations for the Tafel

Anna will write an e-mail to the people from the Tafel since they haven't collected the donated money yet.

Binding machine

Nicolas will design some adverts for the binding machine so the library can put it up on the screens. From today on you can print your thesis at the student's council's room & bind them.

Orientation at MINT

Janosch & Jonas will go to the orientation event of the MINT students to talk about CS.