Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alex Schlosser, Christian Baldus, Christian Willms, Jannis Froese, Janosch Gräf, Jonas Teshome, Nicolas Erbach, Thomas Haslbauer, Yannick Ramb
Moderator:Nicolas Erbach
Minute taker:Thomas Haslbauer


Tafel advertisement

The people from the Tafel forgot their advertisement. Anna is on the job.

Printer & room 013

On Monday the printer will go into room 013, this has been discussed with the RBG.
We will also tidy up the room a bit and will replace some computer mice.
We will need cable ties and computer mice for that
10 mice and an appropriate amount of cable ties will be bought, the vote passed without opposition.

office supplies

We want to buy a few good quality staplers and perforators.
1 perforator, 2 staplers.

light in the foyer

We got an e-mail that the timer for the lights is extremely short after a certain time (like 10 seconds). We will talk to someone responsible about extending this timer to 30 minutes.

binding machine

Binding your thesis:
We decided not to do a special deal for the maths students, but we will tell the student's council about the binding machine.