Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Anna Reindl, Christian Willms, Jannis Froese, Janosch Gräf, Jonas Teshome, Nicolas Erbach, Sarah Hoffmann, Sebastian Kappler, Jeanette D , Constantin B (till: 19:10), Noshaba C
Moderator:Jonas Teshome
Minute taker:Nicolas Erbach


Deans' Lunch

Jonas will order pizza.

New informatics campus website

MMCI is developping a new website for the "Saarland Informatic Campus" domain and we will have a place on that website that needs to be filled.

Jannis will contact MMCI about that and provide the information.

Events next week "Breakfast and pub crawl

Anna has new information about the pub-crawl. Coli will join in again.

We still need helpers for both events. Please fill out the dudles:

Schwenker (the device)

Kappler did some research about a new Schwenker.

He proposes this schwenker parts for about 1030 Euro.

Grill and top (100cm): 630 Euro

Bottom (80 cm) 330 Euro:

Tray (50cm) 70 Euro:

Some members find this a little bit to expensive. Jonas will search for at least 2 other offers.


Since the last cleaning schedule ("Putzplan") expired the council rooms started to look kinda messy and the dirty dishes started to accumulate on the counter top. We need a new Putzplan to thwart that. (Also we need a tippy-toppy clean room for the NEXT fair.)

Nicolas created a dudle. One slot per elected member:

Software engineering project

The SE course is still looking for projects. Jonas proposes to talk to Prof. Zeller about making the "protokoller" into a software engineering project.

Jannis and Jonas will go to Prof. Zeller.

Helpers for NEXT campus fair needed

We still need helpers for our campus fair!!!

Please fill out the dudle NOW! We need the final list of participants on Friday. Slot may be adjusted after that.

next meeting

The next meeting will be Monday 18:15.

For the week after this Anna created a dudle to find a regular meeting slot for this semester. Please fill it out:

Regulation on submission of theses in digital form

The thesis regulation requires students to submit their thesis in a digital form. The exam office accepts them only on archaic digital disks (CD and DVD). Students these days tend to have no disc burners anymore.

We will talk in the Dean's lunch about this.

Noshaba wants to be voluntary member

Noshaba wants to be voluntary member to see how the council works and maybe enroll as candidate for the elections. She is master student in computer science and visual computing.

We decided without opposition to welcome her. She will be subject to our regular 1-month-trial-period.

We welcome Noshaba! :)

Jeanette leaves us

We thank our beloved and long year member Jeanette for her outstanding work and we will miss her in future years!!!

Thank you for the cake and present. There will be mini-donuts :D