Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Jannis Froese, Janosch Gräf (from: 18:25), Nicolas Erbach, Sarah Hoffmann, Tanapuch Wanwarang, Thomas Haslbauer, Nils Lipp
Moderator:Tanapuch Wanwarang
Minute taker:Nicolas Erbach



Jannis prepared some statistics. We will prohibit students from foreign courses of studies to print at our printer, because we cannot fund them legally. Students that are banned by accident can write to

PhD students can use the printer like usual, but we don't finance the printer of their thesis.

We will not sell credits.

NEXT Briefing

We will have a briefing for our job fair on next Monday 6pm. Sarah will come from the KWT and we will talk about the jobs at the job fair. Everyone that registered on the dudle should come so they know what needs to be done and what's happening.

Incentitives to help in the students council

Tanapuch proposes that students that helped the students council (e.g. voluntary members) gat some kind of certificate that they helped as an incentive to get new voluntary members.

We will talk about this in the next meeting again.

Farewell party for leaving members

Tanapuch proposes to held farewell parties for leaving members. We will talk about this next week.

ticket party

We need to clean the council rooms before the NEXT job fair, i.e. next week Thusday. Nicolas will created a dudle. Please fill it out now (mind the times):

next meeting

We didn't yet evaluate the dudle. We propose to have the meeting after the NEXT briefing. Nicolas will write a mail.