Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Anna Reindl, Christian Willms, Jannis Froese, Nicolas Erbach, Sarah Hoffmann, Thomas Haslbauer, Yannick Ramb, Noshaba
Moderator:Thomas Haslbauer
Minute taker:Anna Reindl


racism in lectures

We got information that students made racist comments and talk about doing racist actions.

Unfortunately we cannot do anything, because it is not illegal do the things described to us, but the students council condemns such statements.

We will talk with the department and the dean about his.

new Schwenker

Jannis phoned the jail (JVA) in Saarbrücken about a new Schwenker.

He got the following offer:

100cm Rost 150€
3m Dreibein 155€
Rolle/Kurbel 100€
Feuerschale 80cm 120€

Total: 525€.

Our old Schwenker was from JVA, too. That one was of good quality except the Bottom bowl. We decide to buy as described above except the bowl (Feuerschale).

Christian W. will look for the fitting Feurschale in BAUHAUS and report next week.

campus fair NEXT

The fair was a success! We will have an after-meeting with the KWT to talk about the fair. First-most we want to be represented as co-organizator and we will talk about improvement suggestions.

Jonas and Nicolas want to thank all helpers for their engagement! All helpers will be invited to a dinner later this year.

The students council wants to thank Jonas and Nicolas for their work on the technical site, meetings with KWT and taking care of everything.

Ice truck

During NEXT we had an ice truck on the fair ground. WE think about having an ice truck during other events, like our summer feast.

Nicolas will talk to KWT how the regulations for this are.

Christian W. will take this into account for planning for summer feast.

foreign study courses blocked on student printer

We excluded all students from foreign study courses that we're using our printer.

We send a mail to all affected students informing them about the situation.

In case of an error, students should mail us their enrollment certificate.

Apparently Embedded Systems students are somehow represented by us. We will investigate that.

Students with minor in our study courses are allowed to use the printer.

next meeting

The next meeting will be on Monday, 22nd of May, 18:15.

We ask all members to update the meeting dudle, so we can finally set a appointment date:

KIF 45.0

Janosch, Jonas, Nicolas and Thomas are interested to go to the german computer science students council conference KIF 45.0.

We decided that they can represent us. We will pay the entrance fee if they participate. Travel cost may be covered by AStA.