Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Anna Reindl, Christian Willms, Jannis Froese, Janosch Gräf, Jonas Teshome (from: 18:20), Nicolas Erbach, Sarah Hoffmann, Thomas Haslbauer, Yannick Ramb, Noshaba Cheema, Simon Anell, Annabelle Weber, Dorian Reineccius
Moderator:Jannis Froese
Minute taker:Janosch Gräf



BBQ bowl either 80cm for 85 € or 100cm for 139 €. We will take the 80cm one.

Monitor for Fitness App

We voted against it (see FSR email 'Display für Bachelorarbeit')

Nicolas will ask him to come by and give us more information. We will reconsider then.

Champus article

We were asked by AStA to supply some points about our council work for an article in the Campus newsletter Champus.

Jonas and Nicolas will collect a few statements.


We will have the chance to talk about the Fachschaftsrahmensatzung at the next FSK on 07.06.2017.
Thomas will go there.

Representation for CuK-related studies

We think that we represent '973: Eing. Systeme', the related master studies 'Embedded systems' and '976: CuK Eing. Systeme'

We think the engineers represent '676: CuK', but they think we do (partially).

Jannis wants to meet with the engineers.


We choose alternating times for our meetings.
Next week we will meet Wednesday 18:00
The week after that we will meet Monday 18:00
Repeat. You will receive reminders.

SE meeting Protokoller

Jonas reported on our meeting taker.


Jonas went to Bioinformatics to advertise working at the students' council.


Dorian, Annabelle and Simon want to be volunteer.

Dorian: accepted
Annabelle: accepted
Simon: accepted

Noshaba is done with her trial period.


We will have a breakfast on the 1st of June. There will be a Doodle.