Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Anna Reindl, Dominic Zimmer, Jannis Froese, Jonas Teshome, Nicolas Erbach, Sarah Hoffmann, Simon Anell, Sven Ehses, Alexander Dax, Nils Alznauer, Philip Wellnitz, Huyen Vu Thi Thanh, Dieter Merkel (till: 17:34), Julian Dörfler, Jesko Dujmovic, Kai Vogelgesang, Nora Traykova
Moderator:Jonas Teshome
Minute taker:Jesko Dujmovic


tables in the student council room

We discussed the possibility of improving the tables in the student council room. Nora will collect information about costs of the alternatives:
- modifying the current tables
- buying a better alternative

new kallax

To create more shelf real estate, we want to buy a second kallax shelf of size 4*4. It will cost 80€. The separator will cost about 10€.
we agreed to do that (4 neutral, no negative)
Philip will contact FiS

goodbye party for former elected council representatives

To thank the former elected council representatives we want to organise a party. Anna wants to organise this. We need beer and "Schwenker".

problem with the printer costs

Since we recently to much cost on the printers. In discussion was
A) the student pays all of thesis - 3 votes
B) the student council pays a base value and the student pays the rest - 9 votes
C) the student council pays a percentage and the student pays the rest - 1 votes
D) the student council keeps paying all master and bachelor thesis - 0 votes
The base values for bachelor/master thesis which were in discussion:
1) 2€/4€ (9 positive votes/ rest neutral)
Nick and Jannis will take care.

ticket party

the ticketparty unveiled we need the following items:
-kitchen paper towels
-kitchen sponges
-Whiteboard cleaner (sponge)
-Whiteboard marker
-cable management
we agreed

improving mampfkasse

Nils' SE group has created a software which does exactly what the mampfkasse does, but more comfortably. for this we need a raspi/arduino, uds-card reader and a touchscreen