Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Dominic Zimmer, Jannis Froese, Jonas Teshome (from 16:18, till: 18:14), Nicolas Erbach, Sarah Hoffmann (from: 16:25), Simon Anell (till: 18:14), Sven Ehses, Alexander Dax, Nils Alznauer, Philip Wellnitz, Kai Vogelgesang, Jesko Dujmovic, Julian Dörfler
Moderator:Philip Wellnitz
Minute taker:Dominic Zimmer


Air Conditioner

On hot summer days the students council becomes blazing hot. Also in the semester break between christmas and new year, the heater is turned off. We agreed to continue discussing the topic (8/1/0 pro/neut/cont). Most of us would even pay the air conditioning themselves (6/2/1).

Door access

Sabine updated the door access of the new members. New FSR members now are granted access to the students council.
Danke Sabine!

Bars to fence off valuables in the seminar room 111

Facility management informed us that it's impossible to install bars in the room due to lack of load-bearing walls. Another option is installing a lockable cupboard. The problem is finding a solution to store the parts of the Schwenker theft-proof. Nicolas and Jannis will talk to the Baudezernat.


Retreat starting on the 29.09.17 on around 1 PM ending with the farewell party in the evening.
We will use the opportunity given by the retreat to take a new FSR group shot.

Busy Beaver

Sven presented the results of the Busy Beaver reward.

IT infrastructure survey consequences

We discussed a floordesign suggestion for E1.3s first floor. We agreed (8/1/1) to suggest this design to Erich Reindel.
Two rooms lack proper presenters (015 and 014). Room 014 has no power sockets in the first two rows.
We suggested to split the large tables in 105 and 106. We want to equip room 013 with additional keyboards and mouses.
On the first floor we want every monitor to be equipped with mouse and keyboard.
In room 012 every double-desk should have one monitor.

Magic the gathering turnament

Students requested to organize a big turnament between the geek student councils (cs, maths, physics and mint). This can be integrated into a "classic" games night. We will agreed (8/0/0) to contact the other student councils to discuss if they are interested.


Second to last meeting Nora volunteered to make a suggestion for new tables in the students council room. As we are yet to receive a proposal, Jannis now takes care of that.