Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alexander Dax, Anna Reindl, Dominic Zimmer, Dorian Reineccius, Huyen Vu Thi Thanh, Jannis Froese, Jonas Teshome, Nicolas Erbach, Nils Alznauer, Noshaba Cheema (from: 18:32), Philip Wellnitz, Simon Anell, Sven Ehses, Thomas Haslbauer, Annabelle Weber, Jesko Dujmovic, Julian Baldus, Julian Dörfler, Kai Vogelgesang, Nora Traykova, Immanuel Haffner
Moderator:Thomas Haslbauer
Minute taker:Dominic Zimmer



We were visited (haunted) by two FIS members.
Once the new FIS board has been elected, the following goals should be archieved:
- the student councel should be informed about what expenses are bearable and intended
- the FIS wants to work closer with the students council (in person)

FIS' expenses are supposed to be non-profit only as it's a non-profit organisation.
FIS invites active student's council members to join the organisation to provide more active members.

The FIS member conference is supposed to be on the 12 december, 18:30 in room 111.

Christmas market

On the FSK tomorrow on 08 november the implementation of a student's council christmas market will be discussed. It's supposed to take place on 20 december. The market's income will be donated to charity.
We consider selling any of Glühwein, crèpes, waffles and mini-doughnuts.

Professor Hein

We learned that Professor Hein received an attractive offer from another university.
We would like him to stay here with us. It might be time for another torchlight procession? We voted unanimously to organize a torchlight procession for him.
We should also ask the mathematics student's council concerning this issue.

Jannis, Anna and Alex want to take care of it.

Student council meeting

The regular meeting will take place on 18:15, tuesdays.

Voluntary member acceptance

We voted on Christina Bellmann to be a permanent voluntary member.
Christina helped at StEP and at the last breakfast.
We voted(13/0/1 +-0) to accept her as a permanent voluntary member.