Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alexander Dax, Anna Reindl, Dominic Zimmer (till: 18:28), Huyen Vu Thi Thanh, Jannis Froese, Jonas Teshome (till: 19:55), Nicolas Erbach, Nils Alznauer, Philip Wellnitz, Sven Ehses (from: 18:23), Thomas Haslbauer (till: 18:29), Annabelle Weber (till: 19:12), Jesko Dujmovic (till: 18:30), Julian Dörfler (till: 19:19), Kai Vogelgesang, Marc Roth (till: 18:28), Felix Rech (till: 18:28)
Moderator:Huyen Vu Thi Thanh
Minute taker:Kai Vogelgesang


Neural Networks Lecture

In the mentioned lecture, there are mandatory minitests and it is required to participate in each of them to be able to take the exam. Additionally, the dates for these minitests were changed on short notice, causing some students to miss them.

This caused those students to drop out of the course. The lecturer is not going to offer any appointment to repeat the minitests.

We will send Nils and Dominic to talk with the lecturer.

CD Burning Service

We are going to provide a CD burning service together with our thesis printing service.

The printer team will have to think of some system regarding this, which should allow users to select if they want to burn their thesis on a CD.

We thank the library team for providing the thesis binding.

New FIS board

The recently elected members of the new FIS board introduced themselves. They presented the expenses from 2017 and the planed revenues in 2018.

We discussed how the expenses could be lowered.

Breakfast Sponsoring

We consider asking some supermarket to provide the food for the breakfasts, allowing them to advertise in return.
However, the extent of advertisement should be strictly controlled, and not alter the event

It might be a good idea to ask Karlsberg for sponsoring regarding the summer festival.

We voted to allow non-monetary event-related sponsoring (7/1/1 accepted). An individual vote should be done concerning the actual events.


On 2017-01-18, there will be a breakfast.

Cable Reel / Extension Cord

For events like the Nikofete, a cable reel or extension cord should enable better power management than the currently used power strips.

standard period of study vs actual period of study

The majority of the students require more than two semesters above the standard period to get their bachelors degree.

We propose to expand our survey to gather data about why this is the case.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on 2018-01-02.

We wish every reader happy holidays and a happy new year.