Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alexander Dax, Dominic Zimmer (till: 18:39), Dorian Reineccius, Jannis Froese, Jonas Teshome, Nicolas Erbach, Nils Alznauer, Philip Wellnitz, Simon Anell, Sven Ehses, Thomas Haslbauer, Annabelle Weber, Julian Baldus, Julian Dörfler
Moderator:Philip Wellnitz
Minute taker:Julian Baldus


Board game night with the maths students representatives council

The maths students representatives council invited us to a board game night on Thursday, 2018-01-11 starting at 18:30.

Cables, kitchenware, etc.

We could use some more extension cords/cable drums, especially for our larger events.
We agreed unanimously that Sven will find an offer for a weather-proof cable drum and extension cords for about 100€.

We also need some kitchenware, in particular:
- glasses
- cooking utensils
We agreed that Nicolas will find an offer for this for about 15€.

Monitors from Prof. Dittrich's chair

The chair of Prof. Dittrich has some left-over monitors. We agreed to buy them from them for 20€ each.

Neural Networks

The neural networks lecture has significantly more students than anticipated.
Nils talked to Professor Klakow about the mini tests. Since Professor Klakow himself was not completely satisfied with the organization, he asked us for ideas on how to handle the mini tests in future lectures. Nils will provide him with some suggestions.

Appointment commission for new junior professorship "Informatik und ihre Didaktik"

We voted to send Simon and Alexander to the appointment commission.

CDs for theses

We now offer burning CDs for theses. A receipt will (and must) be given to the student. The price is 2€.

new Kallax-shelf

We agreed that we want a new Kallax-shelf (4/2/4) and a back wall.
Jannis will forward this request to the FIS.