Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alexander Dax (from: 17:02), Annabelle Weber (from 16:19, till: 17:00), Benedikt Schardt, Beste Ekmen (from: 16:19), David Bach (from: 16:19), Dion Schirr (from: 16:19), Dominic Zimmer (from 16:19, till: 18:25), Jesko Dujmovic (from: 16:19), Julian Baldus, Julian Dörfler, Kai Vogelgesang, Philip Wellnitz (from 17:27, till: 17:37), Simon Anell, Sven Ehses, Nicolas Erbach, Simon Schwarz (till: 18:25), Huyen Vu, Martin Hottmann (till: 17:59)
Moderator:Simon Anell
Minute taker:Sven Ehses


Frequent get-togethers

We think it is a nice idea to host or organize events where students can casually meet with peers. The idea to do these get-togethers in the city on monthly or weekly basis. This will be in addition to the big pub crawl in the beginning of the semester.
We thought about including students of other faculties to these events as well.

We vote in favor of this idea unanimously.
Sven and the Event Team will take care of this.

Mascot Design

Other students councils and universities have mascots. Some of our members had the idea to create a mascot for the students council for f.e. information material as well.
We agreed with (+5/-4/3) for having a mascot. Nic will collect feedback on the style and take care of the drafts. There might be an open competition were every student submit thier ideas.

Council of Elders

The council of Elders consists of 7 members of the student body as well as substitute members. The requirement is that they were members of the StuPa or AStA for at least a year. They are not allowed to be members of either AStA or StuPa.
In case of a topic concerning one of their members, their membership is put on hold for that topic.
Members are elected from and by the StuPa.
They are mediators, supervisors and advisors.

The idea in the Fachschaftskonferenz (FSK, it is the meeting of representatives of all departments on the university) is to create a "option" to kick out members of a student council. The FSK thought about giving the Council of Elders the power of the decision, but they do not know it if is possible.
Other committees that might be in charge of this are the StuPa, the AStA or the FSK.
We discussed this topic and realized that there are a lot of unsolved questions.
We vote with( +10/-0/2) to try to stop the vote and collect more information about the topic before a vote.

If the FSK is going to vote on this topic in the next meeting on Thursday anyway, we thought about either having a priority list of committees that we would most likely support to have this power or to have our student council representatives make the decision after the discussion with a Council of Elders member in the next meeting.
We voted (+9,-2,1) to give the power to our representatives (David, Nils, Benedikt).

Meeting minutes

We want to sustain a high quality of our meeting minutes. We were informed from non council members that the minutes to several topics are not sufficiently detailed to understand the discussed topics. We try to provide more detail i.e. background, context descriptions for a better understanding of the minutes.

Also, we talked about putting our financial traffic into the minutes. We voted for disclosing every request for money allowance to the FIS in our minutes (+5,-4,3).
We voted against putting all the actually spent money into our minutes (+0/-8/4)

On the conference of all german speaking computer science councils, our representatives learned about more advanced protocol systems. Julian B. will have a look into that and present his findings.

Embedded Systems

We received some feedback on the Embedded Systems lecture. Some of the feedback suggested that the lecture takes far too much work and time (complete week(end) of work), changing the requirements after publishing them (modules to implement, etc.), work with inaccessible hardware at the weekend and unclear exercise sheets.

We vote with (+9/-1/0) that Dion and Dominic will collect feedback from the groups and try to mediate with the chair.


The students council rooms and the seminar room are in bad shape. We talked about renovating. Sven will ask the Facility Management if they can paint our rooms.

Party for old students council members

We want to throw a barbecue for members leaving the students council. We will invite all the current and the former (not now) elected members to thank them for their service and give them a certificate.
We will consult Anna about last years event.

CISPA Seminar sytem

Nils and Alex talked to Prof. Rossow about the feedback we received on the Cispa Seminar System. The will try to adapt the system to deal with our concerns. He asked us to support this idea. We mainly got positive feedback on the system.
We will stay in contact with Prof. Rossow.