Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alexander Dax, Beste Ekmen, David Bach, Dominic Zimmer, Jesko Dujmovic, Kai Vogelgesang, Nils Alznauer, Philip Wellnitz, Simon Anell, Sven Ehses, Simon Schwarz
Moderator:Nils Alznauer
Minute taker:Sven Ehses


Painting the "Verfügungsraum"

The Verfügungsraum will be painted during next week by the FM.

FSR- Important

Our channel FSR Important has a problem of assigning administrator issues. The problem is that only the owner (which may leave soon) can assign new administrators.

An idea is a Telegram bot that actually forwards the mails/information from the FSR mailinglist towards our FSR important channel.
Dominic and Kai will take a look into it.

CoLi students council

The CoLi students council stores their BBQ supplies at our fridge at the moment. This fills up our fridge storage completely. They said they want to store it until the first week of the new semester.

We want to ask them to take their crushed ice out of the fridge and store only their meat.

Physics students council

The Physics students council bought 1500 styrofoam cups. They offer us to buy some of them for a good price if we need them.

There will be an event called "Abi was dann" , 25th /26th September. We should ask Jens about this. Sven will take care of this.

They seem to have a document "How to FSR". Jesko is currently working on it for our council (with a wiki in the gitlab).

Equiptment of the seminar rooms

All our whiteboard markers are nearly empty or gone. We have to order 10 packs of whiteboard markers for 50€ in total.
We voted (+10/0/0).

Upcoming meeting

The upcoming meeting will be on 10th August.