Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alexander Dax, Annabelle Weber, Benedikt Schardt (till: 19:36), Beste Ekmen, David Bach, Dion Schirr, Dominic Zimmer, Jesko Dujmovic, Kai Vogelgesang, Nils Alznauer, Philip Wellnitz, Sven Ehses, Nicolas Erbach, Sven Tangermann, Egla Hajdini (till: 19:36), Saumya Agarwal (till: 19:36), Simon Benenson (till: 19:36), Clemens Beining, Anastasia Lesnikov, Alexander Rogovskyy, Simon Döring
Moderator:Nils Alznauer
Minute taker:Sven Ehses


Basic Lectures in English

Professor Smolka asked in the Programming 1 lecture what the students think about having the basic lectures held in English language.
The intention was to find out that if we change the language, maybe some students would not have come here to study anymore.

There is no english translation of the Programming 1 book or most of the scripts for any other basic lecture, which might be a problem for english speaking students.

We will create a Task force for this topic. Phillipp, Benedikt, David, Alexander R., Annabelle , Simon D.

Programming 2 Preparation Course

There will be a Programming 2 preparation course at the beginning of the summer semester providing students with the core concepts of Programming 2.

Frequent get togethers

In the last pub crawl, there was a lot of positive feedback from the students participating. Our idea is to create frequent events where students meet outside the university and provide an environment to talk about non university topics. Also we want to invite the other students councils to participate in this event.
This will not replace the Pub Crawl but will rather be an additional Get Together of students.

Simon A. and Sven E. will take care of organizing such events in the future.

DSGVO - data privacy

We had a talk about the data privacy problem about taking pictures for our events. The background is that we want to make pictures to promote further events on social media.
Our solution is to write in clearly readable text that we are going to take photos at future events. If a person does not agree (direct or later on) to their pictures being taken, of course they can come to us and we will delete or won't take a picture at all.


Since our social media presence did not have a good coverage the last semester, we agreed on increasing our presence there.
Our current channels are:
- Twitter: @fs_info_uds
- Instagram: @fs_info_uds
- Facebook:
- Telegramm-Channel: @fs_info_uds

Our mailing list is:

We created the PR task force to talk about new ideas, update our website and post on social media channels.


The AStA asked us to help them to organize an event about cryptography. They asked if we can provide them with a room for hosting this event and if we can help (Jesko, Alexander D., Anastasia).

The event will take place at 9.1.2019

Water Boiler

Some students went into the kitchen from professors during the night in order to prepare food/boiled water, what is definitely not ok. Also in some kitchens, some stuff was stolen.
Our idea is to provide a public water boiler and a microwave oven.
Dominic will take care of this and ask Sabine Lessel where we could provide such a service outside of our council rooms.

We vote unanonimously in favor to support this idea.

Ticket Party

The Ticket Party will be on the of December starting from 11 o'clock.