Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Annabelle Weber, Benedikt Schardt, David Bach, Dion Schirr, Dominic Zimmer (from: 18:51), Jesko Dujmovic, Julian Baldus (from: 18:17), Julian Dörfler, Kai Vogelgesang, Nils Alznauer, Simon Anell (till: 18:59), Sven Ehses, Nicolas Erbach, Huyen Vu Thi Thanh (from: 18:32), Clemens Beining, Alexander Rogovskyy, Karl Schrader, Jeremy Amand, Nicolas Schmitt
Moderator:Nils Alznauer
Minute taker:Sven Ehses


Bioinformatics Examination Board

The Bioinformatics department asked us to send 2 students to the Examination Board. We will send Jeremy Amand as a master representative and Dion Schirr for the Bachelors.


In the last FSK they talked about:

* How student councils are allowed to have/earn money. Apperanty other councils from other universities are alloewd to have their own money. In the next FSK, the law referent from the AStA will give an insight into this topic.
* The possibility to "rent" rooms for social events since not all departments are that generous with renting out their rooms as the Computer Science Departement.

Deans Lunch

The Deans lunch will take place at the 28th. January at 12:00. There, we will have a talk about important topics that should be discussed with the dean.
We will present (at least) 3 topics:
- Bachelors in English
- List of possible Master thesis'
- Lecture Perspectives from Informatics

Examination Regulations

We were asked about some specifics about the examination regulations. Our idea is to have a talk with Tanja Breinig, that she might present the regulations to us so that we have basic knowledge about them.

Get Together

Since we made no further advertisement on our social media channels, only 7 people attended the get together. However, it was a great evening, thanks to everybody!

T- Shirts

The Students council wants to buy some new T-Shirts. Everybody who wants a (new) T-Shirt, please write David a message.