Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Nils Alznauer, Clemens Beining, Sven Ehses, Atul Jha, Sven Tangermann, Simon Anell, Dominic Zimmer
Moderator:Dominic Zimmer
Minute taker:Sven Ehses


Busy Beaver award

The Students council annually gives awards to the best lectures of the semester. The next awards for the summer semester will distributed in the introductory lecture in Oktober.
Sven will take care of the evaluation.


The bachelor StEP will take place in the first week of October. Unfortunately, this event will overlap with the math preparation course. We will find a solution.

The master StEP will probably take place in the first week of the semester.
Atul will take care of the organisation.