Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Nils Alznauer, David Bach, Julian Baldus, Clemens Beining, Adrian Dapprich, Simon Döring (from: 18:20), Atul Jha, Sven Tangermann, Kai Vogelgesang (till: 19:05), Annabelle Weber, Jesko Dujmovic (till: 19:18), Nicolas Erbach (till: 19:18), Alexander Rogovskyy (till: 19:18), Karl Schrader (till: 19:18), Manuel Messerig
Moderator:Nils Alznauer
Minute taker:Adrian Dapprich




Ticket Party

The Ticket Party will be on 29. September 2019.
We decided to ask the FIS for 50 Euros for pizza.
Nils will send an email to FIS regarding the pizza money.


We are out of whiteboard markers.
Buy 10 packs of markers with 4 colors.
Nils will ask the AStA for money
We will label each individual marker.

Dean's lunch. Erich arranges the dean's lunch before or after the meeting of the dean's every Monday. Nils will go to Erich to schedule a date.

Karl reminds everyone to discard used coffee beans so that they don't get moldy.


A suggestion: FS logo on the back and owl on the heart.

David B. is against the owl and last names. But there are multiple people with the same first name so we need at least initials.
Karl, Simon D., Kai, and Julian B. are in favor of the owl.

The RindPhi logo in the current layout is wrong.

We decided to use the owl and optional emails.
Each person can decide for themselves which name they want to use.

layout suggestion:
back: "Computer Science Students' Representatives Council" without underline
email address in one line

front: owl logo (right side up)
name below

We'll use the FS font.


Nicholas E. and Clemens are preparing the Bachelor StEP, Atul the Master StEP.
We are still looking for people who had Chemistry/Physics/etc. as their minor to tell their experiences.

Julian B. and Kai volunteered to do a talk on git and a linux install party.
We can ask the FdSI for additional usb sticks.

We should teach the students the basics of git and Latex. Dominic started to write a file about a latex and git introduction. We can ask the Sopra team for a git presentation and pick the main points. We can call it "How to git good".

We should tell them about gratis offers of software like Jetbrains, overleaf etc.

We will ask the Maths student council how they handle the "Maths and CS" majors. The students should probably attend both prep courses.

embedded systems:
medieninformatik: Sven E
Cybersicherheit: Sven T.
Bioinformatik: David / Simon D. will ask around.
DSAI: We will ask around
Informatik: Clemens

We can get 50 eco-friendly cups from the mensa for the breakfasts for a deposit of 50 Euros.

Graduate Party

Every semester there is a party for all graduates. Sometimes only once a year.
We decided to give them 11 Euros per graduating student again.