Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Nils Alznauer (from: 18:13), David Bach (from: 18:15), Clemens Beining (from: 18:13), Adrian Dapprich (from: 18:13), Simon Döring (from: 18:20), Sven Ehses (from: 18:13), Henrik Köster (from: 18:23), Benedikt Schardt (from: 18:20), Kai Vogelgesang (from: 18:13), Alexander Rogovskyy (from: 18:13), Nicolas Schmitt
Moderator:Nils Alznauer
Minute taker:Adrian Dapprich



The FSK wants an estimate of how much budget we need per distinct event we organize to decide how much of the Fahschaftseuro we will actually get in the end. David B ist collecting the data for this. The money is bound to be used for events so the printer apparently does not qualify.

An alternative to the Fachschaftseuro would be that all the money of all student councils are pooled and everyone gets a fix amount. The rest is distributed proportionally.


The Steimle chair will loan us a 3d printer which we can freely use.
Don't use the coffe machine after Wednesday!

New services and events of the student council

At the moment we are a bit stagnating in terms of events. We will start a think tank to come up with new events or services that the student council could organize.

ideas: Lan party

Kai, Simon, Adrian, Sven, Clemens , Alex will form this task force.