Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Nils Alznauer, Clemens Beining, Adrian Dapprich, Simon Döring, Kai Vogelgesang, Annabelle Weber, Alexander Rogovskyy, Daniel Wägner, Christian Kapp
Moderator:Nils Alznauer
Minute taker:Adrian Dapprich


Examination Committee

We need to send two volunteers as representatives of the student body to the examination committee of CuK & Embedded Systems.
The appointments will be for a span of about 2 years.

Student's Council's FAQs

The attendance at our weekly FAQs is not so great so we will discontinue them. For now, if people still need help they are welcome to write us at

Free Points

The topic is whether students can be allowed to get CP for their extracurricular activites like participation in the firefighters/THW.

Advantages would be that the university could use it as an advertisement for itself/for prestige. And might help these organizations by causing more people to join them.

Universities in Trier and Bielefeld are already doing something like this.