Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Julian Baldus (from: 16:09), Clemens Beining (from: 16:09), Adrian Dapprich (from: 16:09), Simon Döring (from 16:09, till: 16:20), Beste Ekmen (from: 16:16), Kai Vogelgesang (from: 16:09), Annabelle Weber (from: 16:09), Alexander Rogovskyy (from: 16:17), Daniel Wägner (from: 16:09)
Moderator:Annabelle Weber
Minute taker:Adrian Dapprich


Abi was dann

Abi was dann is an annual job/study fair for students after they finished school This year it will be online on the 8th-10th September. The university wants to some representation for the CS department. Volunteers would be in a chat room and answer questions about the study regulations and general things about the uni/CS.
Kai and Alex tentatively volunteered.
Nils, Sven and Annabelle already volunteered.
Julian B also volunteered.