Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Nils Alznauer, Julian Baldus, Clemens Beining, Adrian Dapprich, Simon Döring (till: 20:15), Benedikt Schardt (till: 17:49), Kai Vogelgesang (till: 17:49), Elena Werny, Alexander Rogovskyy, Karl Schrader, Daniel Wägner (till: 20:15), Lukas Abelt, Lisa Raber (till: 18:58), Ankit Agrawal (till: 18:59), Debangana Chakraborty, Manuel Messerig, Max Walter (till: 19:55), Mohammadmadi Koochali
Moderator:Nils Alznauer
Minute taker:Lukas Abelt


Constituent Meeting

We voted Nils will lead the meeting.

Every elected member accepted their vote.

First Meeting of the new Student's Council

Welcome to the newly elected Student's Council

The following jobs were assinged:

* Moderator: Nils Alznauer
The council voted unanimously for Nils to be moderator.

* Minute Taker: Julian Baldus, Lukas Abelt
* System Administrator: Adrian Dapprich, Alex Rogovsky, Max Walter, Julian
* Mailing List Admin: Nils Alznauer
* Printer: Debangana Chakraborty, Adrian Dapprich
* Social Events: Manuel Messerig, Daniel Wägner, Mohammadmahdi Koochila,
Ankit Agrawal, Lukas Abelt, Julian Baldus, Debangana Chakraborty, Elena Werny
* Poster Designs: Lisa Raber, Manuel Messerig
* NEXT: Karl Schrader, Mohammmadmahdi Koochila, Nils Alznauer, Alexander
Rogovsky, Max Walter
* PR: Daniel Wägner (Website), Debangana Chakraborty, Ankit Agrawal, Mohammadmahdi Koochila
* StEP: Max Walter, Manuel Messerig, Debangana Chakraborty(Master), Karl Schrader
* Busy Beaver Award: Lukas Abelt, Adrian Dapprich
* Snail Mail: Clemens Beinig, Nils Alzauner
* Anti-Discrimination: Everybody is part of this task force. But we defined the following specific POCs
* Racial Discrimination: Mohammadmahdi Koochila
* Gender Discrimination: Debangana Chakraborty, Julian Baldus
* Exam Collection Task Force: Lisa Raber, Elena Werny, Simon Döring
* FSK: Daniel Wägner, Nils Alznauer

New Areas:
* Online Support(Mail, Discord etc): Manuel Messerig, Alexander Rogovskyy, Max Walter
* Repetitorium Task Force: Simon Döring, Alexander Rogovsky
* 3D Printer: Clemens Beinig

Currently on hiatus due to COVID:
* Breakfast/Nikofete: On Hiatus
* Coffee Maintenance: Lisa Raber, Karl Schrader
* Summer BBQ: On Hiatus
* Cleaning: On Hiatus
* Student seminar room/renting: On Hiatus
* Mampfkasse: On Hiatus

Examination Committee

As a student council we elect people to be part of the examination committees.

We elected the following people for the examination comitees:

* Cybersecurity (Bachelor):
* Nils Alznauer
* Manuel Messerig

* Entrepenual Cybersecurity (Master):
* Nils Alznauer
* Adrian Dapprich

* Media Informatics:
* Daniel Wägner
* Nils Alznauer

Changes in Study/Exam Regulations

There are proposed changes to the study and examination regulations.

The changes are mostly related to changing study courses. The new study regulations will define "similar" study courses

The council voted on the matter:
- 8 in favor
- 2 abstains