Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Lukas Abelt, Ankit Agrawal, Nils Alznauer, Julian Baldus, Clemens Beining (till: 19:05), Simon Döring, Manuel Messerig, Lisa Raber (from: 18:56), Karl Schrader, Daniel Wägner, Nicolas Erbach, Munem Shahriar
Moderator:Nils Alznauer
Minute taker:Lukas Abelt


Student's Council Git

Nils proposed to create a Git repository for all student's council related work that can mainly be used for knowledge transfer when the council changes.

Some of the task forces already use our Git and we encourage all other task forces to also use the Git repository

New couches offered by AStA

The AStA is offering some couches that we could claim. We already have plenty of couches in our room. Additionally we are unsure of the condition of the couches offered.

Some members suggested to use them for other rooms as well such as the Visual Computing room.

We will mail AStA back that we are interested but will give priority to other interested parties.

MfI 1 Repetutorium

Simon informed us that the MfI repetutorium was a success and about 70 students participated. We got help from two external helpers whom we will provide a certificate for.

Simon mentioned that organizing further repetutoriums should be easy as there are plenty of excercises left from this year.

StEP preparation

The Bachelor-StEP preparation is going along well. The team is preparing an introductionary document for all new students.

There will also be a one day livestream at the beginning of the semester. It will be accompanied by a game night in cooperation with the UdS Discord starting at 7 PM.

The Master-StEP is also in preparation. It will take place at 6th and 7th of april in form of a livestream. The Master-StEP team is also looking for volunteers to assist the event.

Introductionary lecture for SoSe 2021

On April 12th we will be part of the introductionary lecture for the summer semster. As part of this we will award the busy beaver and introduce ourselves