Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Lukas Abelt, Nils Alznauer, Julian Baldus, Clemens Beining, Simon Döring, Mohammadmahdi Koochali, Manuel Messerig, Lisa Raber (from: 18:48), Karl Schrader, Max Walter, Munem Shahriar
Moderator:Nils Alznauer
Minute taker:Lukas Abelt


Examination Committees

There will be new examination committees for the new english International Cybersecurity bachelor and Cybersecurity master starting in the following winter semester. As usual we have to appoint some people to take part in these committees.

Nils proposed that we simply send the same people that are in the committees for the german counterparts. That would be Manuel and Nils.

The council voted in favor of this proposal.

New Professors

Some members of the student's council met with Prof. Rahmann last week and talked to him for a while. He was really glad that we opened up the dialogue. He also showed interest to join one of our meetings however at the moment our schedules do not align. He will contact us soon so that we can find an appropriate time for inviting him to our meeting.

We believe it was a really good idea to get in touch with him.
We also contacted Prof. Feit for a meeting, however she is currently not at the university. But once she gets back she also said that she would be interested in meeting up with us.

Buddy Program

We had a Talk with Prof. Hack and Prof. Rossow last week regarding the planned Buddy Program for the new english bachelor students to update them on our previous discussion with the International Office and Zentrale Studienberatung.

For further planning we will have to wait until the admissions are through so we know how many people are in the studies. However we are already looking for potential buddies from the council (and also all other interested students). The Professors have agreed that Buddys could be employed through a Tutor job which means that you will earn money and CP for these activities.

The admission deadline for the new bachelors is at the end of july. Until then we would optimally find 4-5 potential buddies for this program.

Changes due to Bachelors in English

The new english bachelor programmes will also have impact on the existing german bachelor programmes. Mostly some of the basic lectures will switch the lecture language to english - However there will also always be german material (Scripts, Excercises, Exams etc.) available in parallel to that.

We (or our successors) will have to keep a close eye on this such that there are no problems arising for german students from this change.

Company Run

The Company Run will take place again this year. Students can join the SIC team and either run the official route or track the same distance on their own using an app. It is allowed to do the run in groups of up to ten people when tested negative.