Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Clemens Beining (till: 19:04), Debangana Chakraborty (till: 18:54), Adrian Dapprich (from: 19:03), Simon Döring, Manuel Messerig, Lisa Raber, Karl Schrader (till: 19:04), Daniel Wägner, Max Walter, Alexander Rogovskyy, Munem Shahriar
Moderator:Simon Döring
Minute taker:Max Walter



The NEXT will take place on Thursday (17.06.).
At the next companies present themselves and students can inform themselves about these companies.
Because of the pandemic now everything takes place online.
There is a kind of dating app which you can use to match with the companies and then you may get invited to a video conference.
It was posted yesterday on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and will be posted on our website and discord.

Feedback on the planned survey

We received a mail with feedback from Erich Reindel and professor Reineke and Hoffmann.
We discussed the suggestions and changed some of the questions.