Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Clemens_Beining (from 18:45, till: 18:56), Simon_Döring, Manuel_Messerig, Daniel_Wägner (from: 18:35), Max_Walter, Nicolas_Erbach, Alexander_Rogovskyy, Anton_Voran, Lutz_Herrmann (till: 18:34), Robert_Pietsch (till: 19:07)
Moderator:Simon Döring
Minute taker:Max Walter


Letter about SoPra

We have received an anonymous letter regarding the software engineering lab (SoPra).

The letter contains the following points:
- in the lecture there were topics that were rather less important for the work phases
- the documentation did not meet the students' expectations
- there was a missing day at the end of the group phase
- the assessment criteria were not clear
- it was said at the beginning of the group phase that during the group phase the performance of the individuals would be taken into account

Prog 1 Mid Term Exam

We have been told of concerns that the midterm exam of the current programming 1 iteration will be written in presence. We have talked with the assistent of the lecturer and determined to immediately write an email to Professor Smolka and discuss about this.

Appointments Committee Technolgie Enhanced Learning

Erich has asked us for a student representative in the new appointments committee Technolgie Enhanced Learning. We send Anton Voran for this.

FSR Elections

The result of the elections is now out:

Congratulations to all the elected members.
The constituent meeting will be announced by AStA and will probably be in the beginning of next year.