Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Lukas_Abelt, Clemens_Beining, Keerthana_Burly (till: 17:37), Simon_Döring (from: 16:30), Sophie_Kohler, Manuel_Messerig, Alexander_Rogovskyy, Munem_Shahriar, Ayush_Sharma (till: 17:37), Max_Walter (from: 17:35), Julian_Baldus, Nicolas_Erbach, Karl_Schrader, Daniel_Wägner
Moderator:Manuel Messerig
Minute taker:Alexander Rogovskyy


Course Evaluations

We have been asked on Discord if we are able/allowed to publish the course evaluations.
Nicolas remarks that we always ask the study coordination for them. The best course of action would, according to him, be to ask the study coordination about that. Nicolas will do that.

3D printer

The HCI chair wants to have the 3D pritner back. We cleaned it and gave it back.

There are proposals to acquire a 3D printer of our own.

Appointment commitee

We are to appoint a student for the appointment committee.
Lukas and Manuel "volunteer".

Quality Bureau

The Quality Bureau wants a volunteer from the student council to talk about the review process of the Maths&CS study programme. Alex volunteered for this posiiton.

CS Teaching Study Programme

Prof. Wolf contacted us. She would like our feedback on the current draft of the study programme. The deadline is next friday.


- Group photo
- Game night

Manuel is making a doodle for both.