Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alexander_Rogovskyy, Max_Walter, Adrian_Dapprich (till: 19:25), Simon_Döring, Manuel_Messerig, Daniel_Wägner, Sophie_Kohler (from 18:34, till: 18:35), Keerthana_Burly, Munem_Shahriar, Ayush_Sharma (till: 19:08), Nicolas_Erbach (from: 18:42)
Moderator:Manuel Messerig
Minute taker:Max Walter


Busy Beaver

We have voted on the Busy Beaver; the result will be announced during the semester kickoff.

Prof. Vera Demberg

Prof. Vera Demberg is the new dean of studies and would like to meet with us.
We voted to meet with her on Wednesday 06.04. at 11:00 in a hybrid setting.
The in person part will be in our seminar room.


The Bachelor StEP team said that they are on time with everything.
The Master StEP team uploaded the schedule and the modified orientation document to the StEP website.

Semester Opening Talk

Manuel and Lukas were chosen to hold a presentation and will prepare the slides in the next days.

Appointments Committee

We will postpone this topic until the next meeting.

Student Work Rooms (013, 105, 106) Are in a Desolate State

The rooms are currently lacking keyboards and mice.
Maybe the rooms will get new whiteboards.
The seating groups in front of the work and seminar rooms got 5 seats (like before) and are grouped again.
We will decide on a date when we will clean up and reorganize the rooms in our next meeting.