Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alexander_Rogovskyy (from: 18:23), Max_Walter (from: 18:30), Clemens_Beining (from: 18:23), Simon_Döring (from: 18:23), Manuel_Messerig (from: 18:23), Sophie_Kohler (from: 18:23), Munem_Shahriar (from: 18:23), Nicolas_Erbach (from: 18:23), David_Bach (from: 18:23)
Moderator:Manuel Messerig
Minute taker:Alexander Rogovskyy


Talk with Erich Reindel about rooms

We have talked to Erich Reindel about the current opening hours and raised our concerns. He will discuss this topic at the "Dekanssitzung".

KIF 50.0

Clemens would like to talk about our participation in the KIF 50.0 (Konferenz der Informatik Fachschaften). The KIF is a conference of all CS students councils of all German-speaking countries. There are talks and small workgroups.
The students council decided to check out the website ( ). Interested members shall voice their interest in the next meeting.

Appointment committee Didaktik

We need to appoint 2 people for the Didaktik appointment committee.
Clemens and Sophie agreed to take on this task.

Campus tour

On Friday it was raining (and eventually snowing, yay@climate change), so we couldn't do the Campus tour for the new council members. Manu suggested to make a doodle. EVERY COUNCIL MEMBER has to fill it out. Nic suggested to use the Teams feature so that students give their preferred time slot for the second campus tour (for students) later on.


The Bachelor & Master StEP were held on the weekend (Bachelor on Friday, Master on Saturday/Sunday). Manu reports on the Bachelor and Munem reports on the Master StEP.

Bachelor: We met early, set up the equipment. There were minor technical difficulties before the streaming. Not many people attended (~10-12 in comparison to ~30 last year). We want to normalize this number with the total number of first-term students. Advertisements included the usual mails, social media, LSF and website. Maybe we couldv'e done more advertisements in Discord.

Master: Two days, Saturday (9am) to Sunday. It went, there were no technical difficulties. On Sunday, setup began at 10am and started streaming on time at 11am. We finished way earlier than expected and were able to answer most of the questions the people asked. There were about 32-35 people present.

Game night: Manu was quite happy that there were quite a few members present.

There were small criticisms about technical problems. We should try to do better next time.

We should have a couch setup during the real-life StEPs as well. Couches are comfy.


We have a proposal to get new furniture. There was an unanimous vote in favor of getting this new furniture.

New meeting slot

There will be a doodle about the new meeting slot this semester.


Lukas said that we might want to have a breakfast in the beginning of May. We are generally in favor of the idea, but there will be more planning necessary. There are no restrictions from the department.

Nic suggests that the ticket party is to be held before the breakfast. We should do it during late April.

Board game / Smash night

Manuel wants to host a board game / smash night. Currently, the end of May is planned. We should coordinate that with the math people so our game nights don't overlap too much.

Even more cleaning

We need to clean the student work rooms. An option is to combine that with our own ticket party. Manu will do the planning on that.


Simon is reporting on the repetitorium. It was poorly attended: about 60 people filled in the survey and said that they want to attend, but only 6 showed up. Most people showed up and left after 2 minutes. We are not sure why that was the case.