Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alexander_Rogovskyy, Max_Walter, Adrian_Dapprich, Nils_Alznauer (till: 18:37), Clemens_Beining, Simon_Döring, Manuel_Messerig, Sophie_Kohler, Keerthana_Burly, Lisa_Raber, Munem_Shahriar, Ayush_Sharma (till: 19:11), Nicolas_Erbach, Julian_Baldus
Moderator:Manuel Messerig
Minute taker:Adrian Dapprich


Next Job Fair

The Next is an annual job fair on the campus organized by the KWT in conjunction with FIS.
This year the Next will be on Thursday, 9 June, 10am to 4pm.

Faculty Council Elections

faculty council will be reelected this year. Among others, they are
involved in the process of hiring new staff for the faculty, e.g.

- elected for 2 years.
- starting in July
- one monthly meeting of around 40 minutes.
- we need two volunteers
- preferably they should be still at the university in 2 years, and not
PhD students

We propose Manuel and Sophie for our list. Sophie will be the
vice-member. They will be paired with proposals from the math council.
Manuel will figure out the application process.

KIF 50,0

The KIF is a national meeting of computer science student councils.

People who are interested in joining. We plan to send positions 1-3.
1. Clemens
2. Adrian
3. Ayush
4. Julian B.
5. Lukas A.

The Asta will pay for the entry fee, a portion of the accomodation, and the travel costs, but you need to apply early.
For the rest you should ask the FIS.
However, the Asta and FIS will only cover the costs for up to 3 people.


We need to clean up the student council room.
Manuel will send out a dudle after this meeting.

During the ticket party we will also install the new shelves from Manuel.

For the seminar rooms we also need to order some equipment like VGA cables.
Manuel will request the funds for the equipment we need from the FIS.
We will also add a gigabit switch for the staff room to Manuel's wishlist.

Student Council Meetings

we can meet in person again we decided to hold our meetings at the
university again. If someone is not able to attend in person they can
request a hybrid meeting on teams.

Manuel will send out a new dudle to decide on our meeting slot during
the semester.

Breakfast & Game Night

Lukas is planning a breakfast again although there is no set date yet.

Manuel & Nic are planning a game night though there is also not a set date yet.